Life @ Accton

Jerry Hsu

Accton is where I practice what I learned and expand my knowledge beyond limits, day after day. I fell in love with the field of SI/PI when I read Eric Bogatin’s Signal and Power Integrity – Simplified and through my mentor, Professor Sung-Mao Wu. Before Accton, I was a Package Substrate Design SI/PI engineer at an IC design house, solely in charge of all SI/PI design. By the third year in the job, I realized a career move was the best way to advance my SI/PI skills. That’s when I joined Accton, a company with leading-edge technologies in network switch products and where I can further improve my SI/PI knowledge. Some say “SI/PI is just simulation analysis,” but I think that’s a misunderstanding of the field and the role. SI/PI engineers are leaders and must know how to guide projects, which is a skill I’ve been developing at Accton. Upon receiving an RFP (request for proposal), our team must assess critical hardware specs: Length of the 400G trace? What’s the gap between lanes? Which dielectric materials to use? SMT or Press-fit connectors? How to design the breakout area? Which via pattern is adequate? How many power layers? What’s the optimal placement for the DC/DC converter? All this – and more – happens during the RFP stage. We also have to conduct pre-layout and post-layout simulations, write layout constraints, and compare simulations with measurements.

SI/PI Engineer

In my spare time, I play softball as an outfielder and cleanup hitter. While in college, and together with a group of friends, we started a softball team and practiced every day. Losing games and getting injured didn’t hinder our love for the sport. We won the National Softball League after ten years of diligent practice! Both the experience on the field and at the office reminds me of the importance of teamwork. What I enjoy most about teamwork in sports and at work is that teams are fully engaged, and teammates encourage each other all the time. I believe that if we trust each other and work towards a common goal, we can achieve great success. Accton is the world-leading architect, developer, and manufacturer of network switch products. We are now developing next-generation switches where high-speed signal integrity, low voltage, high-current power integrity are the keys to success.

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Roger Yeh

I joined Accton after ten years of experience working for three different server ODM manufacturers. I was thrilled about the opportunity to lead Accton’s thermal design team because the company is such a household name in the networking industry. The first step in designing thermal solutions for new products involves using advanced simulation tools. This is when we determine the optimal placement and select appropriate thermal devices, including heatsinks and fans. Then we have the final solution manufactured and run extensive heatsink verifications and in-depth loading force investigations. My experience in server manufacture gives us a clear competitive as network switches evolve and increase in design complexity. We are better equipped to offer our customers advanced cooling solutions, supported by rigorous validity and reliability tests. These solutions range from new, energy-efficient fan control algorithms to liquid cooling systems. Other than network switches, we also engineer cooling solutions for storage products, servers, server-switches, NIC cards, and other secret projects.

Thermal Design Dept. Manager

Accton is not only providing ODM services to the biggest brands in the world. Accton is also one of the main contributors to the open hardware space. This critical difference, compared to other manufacturers, means that Accton engineers can gain complete knowledge of product development and manufacturing processes. The thermal team’s involvement starts in the early request for information (RFI), request for quotation (RFQ) stages, and continues all the way through new product introduction (NPI). I make sure every one of the 15 engineers has the chance to work directly with customers from around the world to develop sharp business skills on top of their already proven lab and technical expertise. Every day, I hope to inspire the team to follow the motto “Work Smart, Play Hard.” It’s essential to keep a healthy balance between work, family, and hobbies. As a father, husband, manager, and pro cyclist myself, I understand the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind. At Accton, there are no rules to limit what you can create, and you can truly leave your mark on every product. The thermal team welcomes you to challenge yourself, challenge the world, and aim for the infinite.

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Paulina Lin

The ambition of becoming a great engineer began at a young age, inspired by family tradition. I was outnumbered in school and the only female engineer on the team at the start of my career. Managers refused to see how much I could bring to the team and often assigned me to support other groups. I kept working independently, honing my engineering skills. After years of sweat, tears, and crucial professional moves, the long-sought-after recognition started to emerge. My design solutions were finally being appreciated, and as a result, my performance was exceeding all expectations. With renewed support from managers, I was assigned to design projects built using the latest technologies available at the time. For one of those projects, an eight-layer storage solution, I developed methods to resolve cross-talk issues and reduce power dissipation. To this day, these are some of the most complex challenges found in signal integrity and high-end transistor technology. The product debuted on the Apple store and was distinguished among 500 competitors to receive the Best Choice Golden Award from Computex (a leading global ICT and IoT tradeshow).

Project Leader and Senior Engineer

I joined Accton as a Project Leader to oversee the development of cutting-edge data center solutions for our Tier one customers. In collaboration with hardware and software engineers, product managers, as well as colleagues from the quality department and manufacturing center, we continuously debug, redesign, and improve yield rates of our products. Adding to this company-wide collaboration, I have the chance to communicate with customers directly and to travel internationally to support them at their state-of-the-art sites. In short, working at Accton has been quite challenging and extremely rewarding. I am grateful that my managers provide me opportunities to lead, which help expand my professional skillset and fulfill my ambitions.

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Shane Chen

在我加入智邦以前,我在中原大學電子所(APEMC Lab)從事有關於信號完整性的研究,加入智邦科技以後,我擔任SI/PI工程師一職,並負責公司各項產品的開發與設計,大家對模擬工程師常常有一個印象就是”模擬完看結果,過了交報告,沒過繼續模擬到過為止”,我認為這是十幾年前的作法”trial and error”,在現今如此高速高頻的信號產品日益趨增,過往分析以及設計的方式與現在也早已大不相同了,而在這裡我看到了更多的可能性。智邦在教育訓練上做得很好,不論是內訓還是外訓都有很多不同的選擇,人才培育的內容囊括國內軟體廠商訓練課程、國際研討會、講師培訓課程、線上專業知識課程等多項選擇,我始終相信一個好的SI/PI工程師會為了跟上快速成長的世代變化而時刻的精益求精,對此我深信不疑。

高級 SI/PI 工程師

我認為在智邦最大的收穫是,在最高階的產品設計過程中能同時學習新的技術以及跟各家業界知名的EDA軟體廠商合作,並持續研發以在未來有機會能將最新的研究發表於各大國際研討會(DesignCon, APEMC, EDI Con, SPI等)中,以達成在工作中成長的目標。


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Raul Lozano

到智邦任職之前,我是愛立信的首席信號完整性工程師,負責最先進的路由器,解決我以往不曾遇過的訊號和電源完整性(signal and power integrity)問題。到智邦以後,我的信號完整性團隊專攻更高端的技術,如56G PAM4和最高速記憶體介面設計。今年年初(2019),智邦是第一間提供使用該技術的網路通訊產品廠商。現在,我們投入在次世代(next generation)產品,訊號和電源完整性面臨更複雜的挑戰。在智邦工作對我來說是非常有意義並富有成就感的體驗,不僅能解決技術上的挑戰,工作環境是互相尊重、仁慈和投入的團隊文化。


我們的團隊不只是作模擬分析, 也經常給予EDA軟體商建議,進而改善分析方法,已經可以在先進的2.5D/3D電磁模擬工具看到這些新功能。除了解決充滿挑戰的訊號和電源完整性問題,我的團隊夥伴還向內部其他工程團隊傳授SI/PI知識,並在研討會發表他們的領先技術和方法。在智邦我們是走在網路通訊產品技術以及信號和電源完整性挑戰的最前端。身為SI或PI工程師,智邦會是最令人振奮的工作場所。

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