The smart NIC provides a programmable offload of networking, storage, and cryptographic processing from server processors

HSINCHU, Taiwan, June 5, 2018 — Accton Technology Corporation (Accton) (TWSE: 2345), a premier provider of communication solutions, today unveiled its newest data center network interface card, the NIA-1320 Smart NIC, based on the NXP LX2160A 16-core processor.

The NIA-1320 is designed to offer server vendors a programmable solution for moving workloads like OVS (Open Virtual Switching), storage stack processing, and cryptographic processing such as SSL, from server host CPUs. By moving these supporting workloads to the smart NIC, the efficiency and throughput of the server is increased, saving money by enabling data centers to serve more customers with fewer computers.
The NXP Layerscape® LX2160A features sixteen high-performance Arm® Cortex®-A72 cores running at over 2 GHz in a sub 30-watt power envelope, supporting both the 100 Gbit/s Ethernet and PCIe Gen4 interconnect standards. The LX2160A includes acceleration for data compression, PKI, and SSL cryptography.

The worldwide market for smart NICs exceeded $100M and grew 38% in 2017 according to The Linley Group . Smart NICs help enable cloud-service providers to meet the performance and efficiency demands stemming from rapid growth in cloud-based services and increasing data rates.

“Accton’s NIA-1320 Smart NIC provides a flexible solution for the offloading of networking, storage, and cryptographic functions from servers to enable more efficient data centers,” said CC Lee, president of Accton Technology Corporation. “Customers are asking for efficient, programmable solutions for data center offload, the NXP LX2160A offers a compelling solution for smart NIC applications.”

“Available now, the LX2160A extends NXP’s collaboration with Accton into the smart NIC domain,” said Tareq Bustami, senior vice president and general manager at NXP Semiconductors. “We look forward to building on our long and successful relationship with Accton by collaborating with them to meet requirements of cloud service providers.”

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Source: Communications Semiconductor Market Share 2017 Published April 2018 by The Linley Group

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