–Quality and reliability of Edge-Core products proved to be an excellent choice for large enterprise use


Edge-Core Layer 3 management chassis switches and Layer2/4 Gigabit Ethernet Standalone switches are largely deployed in GIST (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town), Jakarta, Indonesia, which is one of the largest shopping center in Southeast Asia with 250,000 Sq. meters in 8 floors. 



To accommodate the large IP packet transferring for IOS (intelligent outstation) & CCTV surveillance and DVR spreading upon two buildings and multi-level bridge in 8 level shopping area, a stable and secure system is strongly required. ‘Therefore, Sunicodata, Edge-Core partner in Indonesia proposes Edge-Core switch solution from core-layers to aggregation layer as total solution, which also come with the ECView to provide the simple central switch management.’


Network Solution

Among different networking vendor, Edge-Core switches are selected out of the competition as Edge-Core’s full-range solution is proven to be reliable, high-performance, and high-scalability after several test, which is what GIST need for the complicated networking environment required. 



*Edge-Core provides a total solution for typical 3 layer network which include core layer, Distribution Layer and access Layer. The whole project includes 4 units of core-layer Layer 3 chassis switches, 7 units of Aggregation-Layer layer3 chassis switches, 23 units of Layer 2/4 gigabit Ethernet standalone switches, and Gigabit Fiber transceivers.


In the core layer, 2 ES4710BD were deployed in both East and West mall, Server farm was connected to ES4710BD in east Mall. In the distribution layer, 1 ES4704BD and multiple ES4524C were deployed for every three floors to aggregate the data received from NCM, IOS, Surveillance system etc which separate in different VLAN. A full-mesh topology provide backup of each switches ensuring that data traffic for NCM, IOS and Surveillance can always reach the monitoring & management Server.

Edge-Core’s Network Management Software ECview was installed to monitor and manage all Chassis switches and Gigabit switches. And ET4201SX and ET4201LX Gigabit Fiber transceivers were used for long distance connection between core layer and aggregation layer switches separated in east, west mall and 8 level floors.