The Demand

Conveniently located near MTR Kowloon Bay Station, this brand new 31-floor commercial building will offer a total of 609,027 square feet of gross floor area. Featuring ecological innovational design, quality management (ISO9001:2000 certified), high-tech security center monitoring CCTV surveillance system and lift access control system, the developer of Exchange Tower anticipates this mix of office and retail spaces to optimize rental returns.


The contractor for Exchange Tower faces requirements in building a wireless network infrastructure that covers shopping arcade public area, the sky garden, passenger lift lobbies, fireman lift lobbies and all 19 lift cars.


The Solution

After testing and evaluation, Edge-Core Dual-Band Enterprise Access Point (WA6102X), 24-port POE switch (ES3526XA-PoE) and 7-port PoE switch (ES4308-PoE) stand out from the competitors and are chosen for this project.


Offering 2 detachable diversity dual-band omni-directional antennas, and IEEE 802.11f (IAPP) compliance that enable seamless roaming, Edge-Core WA6102X wins with the flexibility for easy deployment and excellent management features. In addition, the Power-Over-Ethernet capability enables the units to be installed in any ideal location while saving the time and cost to reach power outlets. Edge-Core L2 PoE switches, ES3526XA-PoE and ES4308-PoE, are chosen because they come with simple management, QoS, security and power saving features.


One unit of ES3526XA-PoE is installed at 1st floor as the core switch, to provide long distance fiber link to the other 2 units of ES3526XA-PoE at the 15th and 25th floor. It also provides PoE links to 20 units of WA6102X in the shopping arcade at Ground and 1st floor. 2 units of ES3526XA-PoE on the 15th floor provides POE link to the WA6102X between 6th to 21st floor while other 2 units of ES3526XA-PoE at 25th floor provides POE links to the WA6102X between 20th to 31st floor.


A total of 98 units of Edge-Core Dual-Band Enterprise Access Point (WA6102X) are deployed in this office tower to provide seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout the public areas in the Exchange Tower. 19 out of these 98 units of WA6102X are stationed in the lifts, each connected to one ADSL modem. These ADSL modems are connected to another set of cable modems in the meter rooms through coaxial link, in order to extend the transmission range to the ES3526XA-PoE or ES4308-PoE.


The Result

While the flexibility and rich features of Edge-Core Access Points and PoE switches are essential to meet the requirements, its technological expertise and customer support provided is also the key to win this project. Moreover, the eco-friendly features of Edge-Core PoE switches best fit the Green Space design concept of Exchange Tower. The addition of the centralized power management (ES3526XA-PoE) and Green Saving technology (ES4308-PoE) will not only improve energy efficiency but also enhance the ‘Green Vision’ for this landmark building.


Introducing Edge-Core Business Class Wi-Fi Solution

Dual Band Enterprise Access Point, WA6102X

The Edge-Core WA6102X is an enterprise IEEE 802.11a and 802.11b/g dual-band wireless Access Point. It is ideal for small and medium businesses to provide users mobility and easy access to Wi-Fi. Simultaneous use of 11a and 11g radios maximizes the capacity to accommodate a large number of users. With its strong authentication, date privacy and packet integrity features, the WA6102X maintains data security over open air.


L2 Fast Ethernet PoE Switch, ES3526XA-PoE

Featuring 24 10/100 RJ-45 and 2 combo GE RJ-45/SFP ports, This Edge-Core L2 PoE Switch delivers wire-speed switching performance on all ports and simultaneously provides up to 7.5 Watts power to devices (PD) which conform to IEEE 802.3af and pre-802.3af devices. ES3526XA-PoE also works as a centralized power distributor that can auto-detect power devices and adjust power consumptions accordingly.


L2 Gigabit Web Smart PoE Switch, ES4308-PoE

Featuring 7 10/100/1000 Base-T ports plus 1 Gigabit Ethernet combo (RJ-45/SFP) ports, ES4308-PoE can deliver maximum power up to 15.4W for 4 ports or 8 ports maximum power 7.5W simultaneously. In addition to PoE support, simple management and enhanced security features, the ‘Green Saving’ technology can automatically detect number of active ports and save power consumption up to 59.3%.