Edge-Core, the professional network solution provider, announces that one of the leading ISP operators and triple-play service provider in Czech, has chosen Edge-Core ISP and Triple-play solution to set up its Ethernet to the Home (ETTH) and IP-TV (including HDTV) service provider network.


With a customer base of more than 12,000 internet, VOIP and IP-TV subscribers and 4,000 customers connected through Wi-Fi at 350 HotSpots in more than 50 cities, as well as 3,000 customers connected through microwave links, as well as more than 50,000 customers for VoIP services connected through internet, it is a challenge for this leading ISP operator to build up a triple-play network that can be easily managed with high reliability, high cost-performance, and lower power consumption.


Moreover, this very first triple-play operator in Czech is now providing more than 70 IP-TV Channels, advanced management features to easily and efficiently manage IP-TV network configuration while enabling the optimization of high bandwidth communications and on-demand entertainment, has become another challenge.


In this project, the ISP solution that Edge-Core provides consists of L3 Switches ES4612 acting in core rings, L3 Switches ES3628C for connecting wireless units (especially for microwave), more than 400 units of L2 Switches ES3528M and 50 units of L2 switches ES3510, both with slim mechanical design which can be fit in a smaller rack. The fan-less design of ES3528M and ES3510 switches provides noiseless operation and lower power consumption. They also provides full management features including Web, CLI, telnet and SNMP with optional using of ECview graphical management platform. MAC security, IP Source Guard and 802.1x features allows to authorize subscribers and protect network against rogues access. DHCP snooping & DHCP option 82 features ensures that DHCP requests are sent to ISP’s DHCP server.


The IP-TV features of Edge-Core’s Triple-Play switches include IGMP Snooping for handling of multicast streams, IGMP Group for easy configuration of TV channels packages, and IGMP Filtering feature which blocks subscribers from accessing IP-TV channels they did not order, and lastly, the IGMP Throttling feature which allows to set the number of IP-TV channels subscriber can receive simultaneously. Finally, Multicast VLAN Registration feature allows sharing of multicast streams in the network while subscribers remain separated by VLAN. That increases network security, saves bandwidth of core lines and saves CPU power of L3 switches by not having to route multicast streams.


Introducing Edge-Core ETTH Solution

Metro Aggregation Switch- ES4612

With 24Gbps switching capacity, the ES4612 delivers wire-speed performance on all ports for Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 IP routing, interconnecting L2 switches in the access Layer. Featuring 12 SFP ports, it’s ideal for use in the distribution layer and provides long distance fiber connections to aggregate access layer switches in Metropolitan area. It’s also an excellent choice as core switch for small enterprises.


L2 Metro Access Switch – ES3526XA V2

Featuring 24 100Base-T 10/100 ports and 2 combo Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45/SFP ports, it is ideal for desktop Fast Ethernet connectivity and wiring closet installations. The whole stack can be managed as a single entity with a single IP address. This switch is packed with features and brings continuous availability, enhanced security and advanced QoS, while maintaining simplicity of management.


L2 Metro Access Switch –ES3528M

Featuring 24 100Base-T ports and 4 combo Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45/SFP ports, this switch is packed with features that brings continuous availability, enhanced security and advanced QoS to the network edge, while maintaining simplicity of management.