Edge-Core, the professional network solution provider, announces today that Edge-Core successfully deploys Metro Access Switches in the first commercial 802.16e WiMAX Network in Lithuania, to enable high-speed WiMAX and ETTH network that will benefit business residential users throughout the country.


The Demand

Situated along the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania has one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union. The demand for broadband access in Lithuania is growing rapidly. Balticum TV, the telecommunications service provider and pioneer of Cable TV service in Lithuania, plan to launch a new ambitious project to build WiMAX broadband services network for the benefit of customers, who cannot be reached via cable.


With a customer base of more than 80,000 subscribers, Balticum TV provides analog and digital TV, HDTV, Internet, IP telephony services in most of the biggest Lithuanian cities and they have built one of the biggest and the most advanced CATV network in the country. The initial stage of this ambitious WiMAX project is to install WiMAX network in Klaipeda, the 3rd biggest city and the only seaport in Lithuania. Since some locations where WiMAX base stations are installed are not easy to access, such as the rooftop of restricted building, the reliability and simple management of the WiMAX solution becomes important in this project. 


With the offering of the advanced broadband services with unmatched coverage in Klaipeda city with 98km square of hinterland, this WiMAX project is expected to grow its business in both residential and commercial areas.


The Solution

After careful research and trials, Edge-Core 12-port L3 Metro Aggregation Switches (ES4612) , 28-port L2 Fast Ethernet Switch (ES3528M), 26-port L2 Fast Ethernet Switch (ES3526XA V2) and 10-port L2 Fast Ethernet Switch (ES3510) are chosen for this project with successful results.


Featuring 12 SFP ports, the Metro Aggregation switches, ES4612, are chosen to install at the aggregation layer to provide long distance fiber link to access layer switches. More than 650 units of 28-port L2 switches (ES3528M), 360 units of 10-port switches (ES3510), and 11 units of 26-port switches (ES3526XA V2) are installed in the access layer where there can be stacked up to 36 switches in each access ring.


Edge-Core 10-port switch, ES3510, in access layer ring then connect to the 3.5GHz WiMAX base stations which delivers high-quality voice, video and data services enabled by the WiMAX solutions. Featuring CLI via console port or Telnet, embedded user-friendly web interface, and IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol, ES3510 provides simple management and continuous availability.



‘Edge-Core’s Metro Access Solution is ideally equipped with advanced features that are designed for ISPs to provide triple-play or multi-play services. The fan-less design of ES3528M / ES3510 / ES3526XA switches all provides noiseless operation and lower power consumption’, said Virginijus Jurgelevichius, CEO of Balticum TV. ‘And the friendly hardware design, such as the small depth of ES3528M, allows the switches to fit in smaller rack and makes the deployment easy and smooth. They also provide superior management features including Web, CLI, telnet and SNMP with optional using of ECview graphical management platform.’