Edge-Core, the professional network solution provider, announces today that Edge-Core successfully deploys Metro Access Switches in Fryazino, a scientific town in Moscow Oblast, Russia, to offer broadband access services to more than 10k subscribers.


Business Challenge

Fryazino.net offers Internet connections, web-hosting and collocation services and is the only broadband access services provider in the city of Fryazino, located 25 km north-east from the city of Moscow. The subscriber base for Fryazino.net is over 10k and is growing rapidly to reach 100k soon. Apparently as the subscriber base is rapidly expanding they need to expand the range of access network with a solution that can be easily managed.


Network Solution

Fryazino.net worked with Telecomtest, an Edge-Core partner in Russia, had been adopted Edge-Core solution a few years back. The fact that Edge-Core solution has been delivering smooth and satisfying performance gives Fryazino.net the confidence in choosing Edge-Core switches again.


After reviewing the list of requirements and the existing IT infrastructure, Fryazino.net accepted recommendation from Telecom-Test to deploy Edge-Core switches based on various requirements. Edge-Core 28-port & 52-port L2 FE Stackable Switches, ES3526YA& ES3550YA, were chosen to fulfill the high-density switching needs while Edge-Core L2/L4 Fiber Metro Access Switches, ES3526S were chosen for Fiber to the Building deployment. And the 26-port (ES3526XA), 28-port (ES3528M) and 52-port (ES3552M) FE Standalone Switches were selected as access switches to cost-effectively deliver services to residential or small-business subscribers.


Edge-Core Metro Access Solution is ideal for ISP to delivery quick-deployed and cost effective Ethernet to the home services. Featuring fan-less and friendly small depth design, ES3528M / ES3526XA switches provide noiseless operation, lower power consumption and allow the switches to fit in smaller racks. Also, with advanced QoS, robust multicast control and superior management features including Dual F/W images, Auto-provision, CLI and SNMP, Telecomtest helps the customer easily expand and manage the network infrastructure.


Business Results

‘The Edge-Core Metro Access switches play a critical role in our ability to win this project by delivering an access network with high availability, high reliability, enhanced security, comprehensive QoS and multicast streaming’ said Kirill Bobovnikov, head of active equipment division at Telecom-Test. ‘The biggest benefit that we have achieved for our customer is to save the cost and time to deploy and manage the infrastructure with the same or even higher performance than existing vendors.’