The Demand

Russia has Internet users of over 25 million while most users are concentrated in metropolitan cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara. St Petersburg has the 2nd largest internet subscriber base and the current rapidly growing 770,000 subscriber base. This ex-state broadband service provider offers broadband services including DSL, Cable Modem, and Voice over IP (VoIP) to over 30,000 subscribers and 7,000 VoIP users. The swift expansion of internet connections, consistency of service quality, reliable connecting ability, comprehensive security are the key to service provider to build up customer satisfaction and to increase its business revenue.


Network Solution

Telecomtest, an Edge-Core partner in Russia, has worked with this service provider in the past and has been able to provided Edge-Core Metro Access solution as well as services with satisfactory results. With over 2,000 units of Edge-Core switches installed previously, Edge-Core has proven to meet all the technical requirements, compatibility, scalability, service management, and reliability goals.


After evaluating the requirements and options, this service provider accepted Telecomtest’s recommendations to deploy Edge-Core Metro Access Solution. Edge-Core Layer 3 Metro Aggregation switch ES4624-SFP and ES4612 are chosen to deploy at the aggregation layer while 26-port FE Standalone Switches ES3526XA are opted as access switch to create a consolidated broadband network able to efficiently deliver triple play services for residential users and businesses customers.


Featuring fan-less and friendly small depth design, ES3526XA provides noiseless operation, lower power consumption and allow the switches to fit in smaller racks. Also, with superior manageability, robust multicast control and advanced QoS features including Traffic scheduling with strict Priority, WRR, Telecomtest helps the customer easily expand, preserve bandwidth allowing maximum control the network resources.


In addition the future-proofing IPv6 features, ES4624-SFP empowered the service provider in providing advanced triple-play services with ease of management. IGMP Group feature allows creating ‘Customer’s package’ of IP-TV channels, and IGMP Filtering keeps subscribers from tuning in channels not ordered.


The Conclusion

The deployment of the new network has gone very smoothly and easily and the progress and performance outcome are all very satisfactory. The new network can continue to expand, providing service flexibility, resiliency and can easily accommodate advanced services for residential and business subscribers.