Edge-Core, the professional network solution provider, announces today that Edge-Core successfully deploys Metro Fiber switches in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, to enable high-speed community fiber-to-the-home network that will provide users with next-generation high-speed internet services.


Customer Demand

Vilnius is the largest city and the capital of Lithuania, with a population of 555,613. Many of the older buildings in Vilnius are being renovated, and a business and commercial area is being developed into the new city center. The network infrastructure is also one of the sectors that are under transformation. Looking ahead for its subscribers, the local service provider is evaluating the installation of Fiber-to-the-home solution, not only for the current needs for faster internet access but also for the demands for multi-play applications such as high definition IPTV, VoIP, video conference and interactive online games.


Network Solution

After careful research and trials, Edge-Core 24-port L2 Metro Fiber Switch, ES3526S, stood out with successful test results and was chosen as access switch to deliver fiber-optic services to residential and small-business subscribers. Featuring 24 100Base-BX fiber and 2 GE combo ports, ES3526S provides robust multicast control features including IGMP Snooping, Immediate Leave, and Private VLAN. IGMP Snooping enables intelligent management of multicast traffic to be sent to only receivers while Immediate Leave provides a fast channel changing for IPTV services. Private VLAN provides IP address management for service providers and Layer 2 security and user privacy for subscribers.


In addition to robust multicast control, enhanced QoS such as WRR, strict scheduling, security features such as port security and ACL, Edge-Core ES3526S also uses Operation Administration Monitoring (OAM), industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI), embedded web-interface which provides service provider the interface for simple management and maintenance which cut down operating costs.


ES3526S Switches are installed in the buildings in Vilnius city and delivers wire-speed switching performance over optical fiber link to the subscribers. At the subscriber site, the optical signals are converted into electrical signals using media converters. By using Edge-Core Media Converter, EC3002, the linking distance between the FTTH Switch and the Media Converter can go up to 15Km and therefore high speed data and real-time voice and video are delivered.



Business Results

In the traditional network infrastructure, optical fibers are installed in the inlet box of a multi-family apartment, from which the copper cables are installed and link to the families. Due to the physical characteristics, these copper cables limit network speed and bandwidth. The new fiber-optic network can offer users the luxury of extremely high quality of internet services to fulfill the need of video conference, voice chatting, IPTV or online gaming through a single internet access line. Edge-Core FTTH solution provides a very reliable network with 100Mbps upstream and downstream data rate for voice and video services. And one of the biggest benefits is that the deployment is cost-effective and the ability to cope with the rapid subscriber growth, which is well worth the investment for the service provider.


Introducing Edge-Core FTTH Solution