–Clever Compact Design and powerful features of Edge-Core products proved to be the perfect choice for Metropolitan Ethernet network


Edge-Core, the professional network solution provider, the brand business unit of Accton, announces that its Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet standalone switches and Layer 2/4 Gigabit Fast Ethernet Standalone switches are largely deployed in Slovakia by SATRO, one of the leading cable operators in Slovakia, Central Europe.


SATRO selected Edge-Core products through many times of extensive testing and field-trailing of many Ethernet devices from multiple vendors based on performance and reliability of the industry standard. They also explained that the biggest advantage of the Edge-Core products was the clever and compact design, great software features, reliability, compatibility and affordability combined in these products.


‘The successful deployment of Edge-Core’s equipment into SATRO metropolitan Ethernet network is of great significance to us,’ said Charles Chen, Senior Director of Accton Brand Business Unit. ‘We’re honored to work with PROFIcomms, our value partner, to provide highly integrated solution to one of the leading European operators and are proven ability to deliver a network with outstanding features and durability in harsh environment.’


‘Powerful L2/L3/L4 features including enhanced IP-TV features, complete management capability and high reliability are strongly required for efficient providing of stable and secured Triple-Play services in FTTx networks,’ said Mr. Marek Vyklicky, Product Manager of PROFIcomms, Edge-Core partner in Czech and Slovakia. ‘Therefore we propose Edge-Core switch solution from edge-layers to core-layers as the total solution.’


Mr. Frantisek Kaduch, the Director of SATRO also mentions that compact and clever mechanical design, unique density of SFP ports which provide easy interconnection of fiber optics, and durability put Edge-Core well ahead of many different networking competitors during the field-trials. Great software features, easy manageability via CLI, and affordability combined in these products very well suit the application which requires high-performance networking solution that would provide reliable 24/7 services to the subscribers of the metropolitan Ethernet network.


The whole project includes 25 units of ES4612 Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet standalone switches and 180 units of ES3528M Intelligent L2/L4 Fast Ethernet standalone switches. The network based on FTTB concept is built continuously and the project will continue in the future. ES4612 Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet standalone switches are used in the distribution layer of the network for distribution/aggregation of IP traffic to/from the edge points. ES3528M L2/L4 Fast Ethernet standalone switches are used in the Edge points and are cascaded and/or used for further star-topology based distribution at some locations.